Akiko is the daughter of a rich family who has been lying dormant for sixty days, and no doctor or priest would be of any help for her. Akiko was possessed by a shinma named Raen. Her parents died after donating all their blood to save their daughter, but this shinma deceives Aiko into thinking that she is a vampire living with her human parents. When Himeko goes to see Akiko again, Miyu arrives and pulls Raen out of Akiko, banishing it to the darkness, unfortunately killing Akiko in the process.

Akiko's parents were severely injured in a car crash. They had sacrificed their lives for her by giving their blood to her in order for her to live, which makes her terribly guilty; in her grief she claims to be a vampire, since their blood was donated to her after their deaths. Raen provides Akiko an illusionary home, parents and dreams, turning Akiko into a functional vampire who kills older girls and adult women. Miyu's attempt to save Akiko (by biting and making her a full vampire) is stalled by Himeko, and she and Larva end up exorcizing Raen, killing Akiko in the process.

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