Lemures 1

Lemures, in human and shinma forms


An old friend of Larva, Lemures (レムレス Remuresu) was a shinma of European origin who wanted to free him from what he felt was Miyu's undue control - so much so, he imprisoned Larva in a wall of a temple. Desperate to free Larva, Miyu contacted Himeko, hoping to use her abilities to free him. But along the way, the two ran into a suit of armor animated by Lemures with the soul of a human. Miyu couldn't fight him, since he wasn't a shinma, so Himeko managed to use her magic to beat him back.

Later, Himeko ran into Lemures, who was in his human guise, and Lemures used the spiritualist to bring Miyu out into the open, where the Armor Monster attacked. Sensing Miyu was in danger, Larva managed to break his bonds and save Miyu. Angered by what she believed Lemures harming Larva, Miyu destroyed Lemures rather than banishing him.

Voice ActorsEdit

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