The principal female antagonist in the TV series, Reiha (冷羽) is a Yuki-onna, a child-like snow being capable of manipulating snow, ice, and wind. Her father was originally the head of a group of shinma protectors tasked with protecting the next guardian during Japan's Taisho period, the time between July 30, 1911 (the reign of Emperor Taisho - Yoshihito) and December 25, 1926 (Taisho's death and the ascension of his son, the Emperor Showa - Hirohito).

Her father was also a magician and the head of the traveling theater company.

However, Reiha's father was killed by the bird shinma Black Kite (the brother of Chisato). As he was dying, he called out the name of Miyu instead of his daughter, something Reiha has never forgiven Miyu for. Not long afterword, Reiha had inherited her own mother's powers after a visit from the ghost of her mother, who was also a Yuki-onna, as well as being accompanied her living doll Matsukaze.

Like Miyu, Reiha also hunts after shinma. However, Reiha doesn't feel that Miyu is worthy enough to be the guardian, so she is less sympathetic than Miyu in her quest - with Matsukaze openly hostile towards her, Larva, and Shiina.

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