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Example of a Shinma

Shinma are god-demons that wreak havoc on the human world. 


They tend to haunt weak-hearted people by luring them to illusions that are supposed to achieve the dreams and/or desires of those people only to leave them in ruin. It is the job of a Guardian Vampire (Miyu) to send them back to their original dimension, which is simply named as "The Darkness " (Also known as the "Dark World"). 

They seem to feed on human emotions, although there are some examples of blood-sucking, such as Ga-Ryu or even examples of devouring the human whole with Koh-Waku

However, not all Shinma are inherently evil. Some use their abilities simply to interfere in human lives for their own purposes. Sometimes even helping other humans by targeting others.

Their powers typically include shape-shifting and the ability to soar and/or fly. One can spot them by the unnatural glow in their eyes.

Their dimension seems to mirror the human dimension as they have nationalities. Shima have been identified as Japanese, Chinese, or Western. 

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